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17 Jul

Sign Our Petition for Portland to be Investigated

With the latest news of Portland doling out general assistance welfare to illegal aliens, Maine People Before Politics is calling for an investigation of the City of Portland, and how it spends your tax dollars. Sign our petition calling for an ...

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15 Jul

Help us Fight Illegal Alien Welfare Handouts in Portland

  The Maine Department of Health and Human Services reported yesterday that roughly one-third of Portland immigrants, receiving General Assistance welfare benefits, are illegal aliens. Roughly one-third of Portland immigrants receiving welfare benefits from General Assistance are illegal aliens – by ...

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17 Jun

Join the Continued Fight to Lower and Eliminate Maine’s Income Tax

Please join Maine People Before Politics in the fight to Lower and Eliminate Maine’s Income Tax. Click here to sign up to stay informed and find out ways you can help eliminate Maine’s income tax. Eliminating Maine’s income tax will improve ...

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01 Jun

URGENT: Tell Your Maine State Representative and State Senator to Vote for a Budget with Income Tax Cuts and No Funding of Illegal Alien Welfare

Contact your State Representative and State Senator immediately and tell them to support a budget that reduces income taxes and eliminates taxpayer-funded welfare for illegal aliens. Your legislators should know that reducing the income tax will grow Maine’s economy. Even ...

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lepage plan
11 May

Learn About Governor LePage’s Income Tax Plan

Learn more about Governor LePage’s budget proposal including his plans to phase out Maine’s income tax as he works to put the state on the path for full repeal.

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19 Dec

People’s Alliance Poll “Data” Skewed, Other Poll Results Show Maine People Do Not Favor Welfare Medicaid Expansion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 19, 2013 AUGUSTA – In May of this year, Maine people in a large, statewide poll conducted by Maine People Before Politics were asked about Medicaid expansion.  The result was the following: QUESTION 26. DO YOU ...

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11 Jun

NEW TV AD: Keep the Economy Moving – No Tax Increases

Contribute here to keep this ad on the air    

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15 May

Statewide Poll: Maine People Oppose Tax Increases & Want Hospitals Paid with No Strings Attached

Data indicates people want spending restraint in Augusta AND in their cities and towns AUGUSTA – Maine people strongly want Maine’s hospitals paid back with no strings attached.  A total of 70% of respondents indicated that was their choice compared ...

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18 Apr

MPBP releases comments from petition

For Immediate Release: Thursday, April 18, 2013 Maine People Before Politics releases document detailing comments from citizens signing petition AUGUSTA – Maine People Before Politics is releasing a document detailing some comments Maine citizens have made as they signed ...

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04 Apr

RELEASE: Maine People Before Politics airs statewide TV ad to support hospital payment plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday, April 4, 2013 Maine People Before Politics airs statewide TV ad to support hospital payment plan Also launches new website This morning, Maine People Before Politics began airing a statewide TV ad urging the State ...

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