“I am not a politician. I am a business man who has served his community as Mayor. I ran for Governor because I believe People must come before Politics – even in Augusta! Maine Voters Agreed. People before Politics! We talked about the need for more good jobs in Maine and how the private sector should have every opportunity to grow their businesses, expand the tax base and put people back to work. Maine Voters Agreed. People before Politics! We talked about changing welfare in Maine so we can help move people from dependency to dignity. And we talked about the need to get our energy prices, health care costs and regulatory burden under control. Maine Voters Agreed. People before Politics!” – Paul LePage victory speech, November 2010

Maine People Before Politics is a non-profit, membership based organization focused on improving Maine’s future by stepping out and away from the special interests.

Our goal is to advance policies that benefit all of the people of Maine.  We want to create an environment for job growth which will fuel Maine’s economy.

Working together as a united grassroots force we will give the people of Maine a voice beyond the narrow special interests that have long dominated the offices and halls around and in Maine’s State Capitol.

We welcome contributions – in time, energy, ideas and resources – to help accomplish these goals.  Those who financially contribute any amount or volunteer time will be considered members as we work toward our common goals.

The Augusta special interests have had it their way – it is time for a new way. It is time to put Maine People Before Politics.

Meet our Board of Directors:

Executive Director:  Lauren LePage