Treat’s Trip To Obamacare Proceedings Funded
by billionaire Soros’ Progressive States Network

First glance reveals shocking level of influence in Maine legislature

West Enfield – Maine People Before Politics today issued a statement shining the light on the influence of the far left organization “Progressive States Network” in Maine. The Progressive States Network, funded by controversial billionaire George Soros, is known for producing model legislation that it seeks to push through state legislatures around the country.

Recently, the Portland Press Herald covered Rep. Sharon Treat’s trip to the U.S. Supreme Court proceedings on the Affordable Care Act. Treat is the ranking Democrat on the Legislature’s Insurance and Financial Services Committee. In the article, in what seemed to be an attempt by Treat to assure the public that her trip was not being financed by Maine taxpayers, was the revelation that the Soros funded Progressive States Network was helping to foot the bill for her trip.

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Additional research shows that in total, 51 Democratic members of the Maine Legislature have signed the Progressive States Network Amicus Brief in support of the controversial federal healthcare bill.

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Bangor Daily News coverage of the brief:

In 2009, the Progressive States Network received a $300,000 grant from George Soros’ controversial Open Society Foundation. View the grant information at here:

It’s interesting to learn about this now,” said Jason Savage, executive director of MPBP. “We have heard many groups in and around Augusta and many state legislators decrying the influence of big money and national legislative groups that push pre-written model legislation down onto states. Now we see that many of the same legislators who were pointing a conspiratorial finger in the other direction were in fact working for and financed by George Soros – who is likely the most politically influential and controversial billionaire on the planet – and one of his front groups.”

How much model legislation have these legislators pushed through for the Progressive States Network in recent years?” Savage asked. “How many trips, laws and how much influence has George Soros bought in Maine through this one front group?”