DHHS faces a shortfall of more than $220 million brought about by
increasing enrollment, declining federal matching funds and loss of
one-time stimulus money that was used in recent years.  

Maine People Before Politics supports structural reform that protects
the most vulnerable, prevents future budget shortfalls and protects
other vital services.

Please consider reading these pieces:

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What does the “comprehensive approach” look like? 

DHHS budget opponents continue to deny reality  

Thoughts on the matching funds argument against
the DHHS proposal

And get more information on the budget here:


Once you have enough information, please use the form below to tell the
Appropriations Committee how critical it is that we make the structural
reforms needed to ensure that Maine does not continue to see these budget

It is time for Maine to live within our means, prioritize spending on the
most vulnerable and needy, and stop using gimmicks to give the illusion
of a balanced budget. 

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